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Job Board is UP!

Been busy lately trying to finish an online project so it’s only now that I got to finalize this job board. And now it’s up and ready for you all seeking online projects that could bring a decent amount of income while you’re at home.

Note that I have mentioned in my post Job Board Coming Soon, that it will initially be linked to the different online jobs but those you have to check and see if you’re qualified.

There will be a dedicated page for the job board on the nav bar (just below the header) of this blog, click it and it will direct you to the listings of available job offers. Scan through the many selections, click one that you want to view to get more information. Apply to as many as you want just as long as you think you are qualified to do the job posted by the advertisers.

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Job Boards Coming Soon!

I promised something to myself before 2010 said goodbye and I’m praying hard that it will come true. I have many plans this first quarter of the year and some of them are slowly taking form. Sometimes, I get what I want but most of the time, not.. So, imagine my excitement when I finally got this site operational. Happiness is overflowing because this is what I’m good at and this is exactly what I want.

Okay, since the title of this post is what it say it is, then let’s get on with what I really wanna say here.

Previously in my welcoming post here, I mentioned something about having a category solely dedicated to a JOB BOARD. A job board is basically where you can find a job most suited to your expertise. Now, don’t get excited yet because these are just links to jobs that I find online. What you should do is check out the source. This is just the initial stage of my plan. When things are doing great and I have the tools to start my business, then I’m off to a much bigger and greener pasture. Of course, that business will only cater to Pinoys qualified to be under my wings.

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Temporary Theme for Earn Dollars Pinoy

It’s theme hunting again for me. I spent the whole day yesterday scouring the net for suitable theme for this blog. I wanted it simple but if you know me, I don’t like it to be just like any ordinary blog. Simple,yes, but catchy!

Wordpress icon Pictures, Images and Photos

I’ve downloaded a lot of themes yesterday and tried them all but this one fits right. With my plans in mind, I need a theme that would cover most of the spaces but can’t find any yet. So, I’ll just have to be contented with this one. But, in case you drop by next time and the theme has changed,again, don’t worry, it’s just me trying out what’s best for this blog..

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Welcome to Earn Dollars Pinoy!

Nice of you to drop by and see what’s cooking up here. This is my fourth blog and the first one for 2011. I have 4 other blogs to set up but wanted this one to go live first. Pardon the mess coz I’m not done tweaking it yet.

Earn Dollars Pinoy! will be the home of different money making reviews. Yep, all about how you can earn online and get those dollars into your bank accounts. I will try and scour the net to look for possible and existing online opportunities that would benefit all Pinoys who are interested to earn online! I will include reviews of affiliate programs, online networking or MLMs, contests and freebies, products and sales and many more.

I will also have a separate category for job boards. Yes, listings of current online jobs! It could be for full time or sideline jobs. Initially, this blog will be featuring links from different job boards but I have plans and this is only my stepping stone to something bigger! *crossing fingers*

These are just a few of what you can expect on this blog. It’s kinda different from my other blog Make Money Online which hosts my journey in earning my own income in the blogosphere. Here, I would concentrate on how I can help others earn their share of dollars online.

Please do come back soon and I hope that next time, what I’m going to share here will help you start your way to success!