5 Key iPhone Accessories for Business Owners

For business owners the iphone can be a best friend. Its many versatile functions mean that it is like a mobile office that will travel well with you and have everything you need. By choosing a few accessories to accompany your phone it will give you maximum efficiency and mean that you can get more work done while you are out and about. Here are 5 iphone accessories that are invaluable to have for business owners.

iPhone Accessories

Camera Case

If your business requires great photos for marketing or any other purpose then you might be thinking about getting a camera so that you can optimise your photographic imaging. Why not get a DLSR camera lens case to attach onto your iphone to transform it into a high quality camera for those much needed shots.

Keyboard Buddy

If you are a business owner then you are most likely to be doing a lot of work on the run, which includes receiving emails and sending them on your iphone device. As we all know, the built in keyboard on the iphone can often seem really small and we can accidently type words that we didn’t mean to type which could cause problems especially if it is to a client. Having an iphone case with the built in keyboard is an invaluable tool for overcoming this problem and is a must have for those who are using their phone for sending work emails!


If you are spending a lot of time talking on the phone for your business then you might start to be concerned with how much electromagnetic energy is going into your head. Having a handsfree system will allow you to combat this concern and it will also be an invaluable addition to your life if you are trying to drive or type at the same time as talking on the phone. A must have iphone accessory for the business owner!

Handsfree Neck Viewer

One of the most awesome additions to the iphone has been the FaceTime option which allows you to talk with people face to face on your phone. But if you are using this option frequently you may get tired of holding the phone up in position. In steps the latest and greatest iphone accessory from Vyne. The Vyne handsfree neck holder allows you to have the iphone in front of your face, held up by the neck viewing system so that your hands are free to do whatever they want!

iphone Pocket Projector

Make business meetings easier for yourself by taking your own projector with you. The handy pocket iphone projector from Sparkz will allow you to show your facts and figures like a pro. The projector projects whatever is on the screen of your iphone onto a wall so you will always have your office with you as long as you have your iphone. A great one for business owners and it can be used at home to watch movies with the family too! Make sure you also get yourself a good iphone case to protect your valuable asset. Click on this URL Link for making your own personalized iPhone case from website such as Vistaprint.

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