Job Boards Coming Soon!

I promised something to myself before 2010 said goodbye and I’m praying hard that it will come true. I have many plans this first quarter of the year and some of them are slowly taking form. Sometimes, I get what I want but most of the time, not.. So, imagine my excitement when I finally got this site operational. Happiness is overflowing because this is what I’m good at and this is exactly what I want.

Okay, since the title of this post is what it say it is, then let’s get on with what I really wanna say here.

Previously in my welcoming post here, I mentioned something about having a category solely dedicated to a JOB BOARD. A job board is basically where you can find a job most suited to your expertise. Now, don’t get excited yet because these are just links to jobs that I find online. What you should do is check out the source. This is just the initial stage of my plan. When things are doing great and I have the tools to start my business, then I’m off to a much bigger and greener pasture. Of course, that business will only cater to Pinoys qualified to be under my wings.

Whew! Blood is rushing and my heart is pumping hard! That’s my excitement which I can’t contain! Spilling too much beans here but I want you to get excited too, Pinoy, because this is for you!

For the meantime, keep coming back and please help me in praying that my plans will materialize. I don’t want to keep making plans and promises that in the end will not push through because of reasons that can be resolved. So, I’m keeping my hopes high and fingers crossed, that in the near future, all things will be in it’s proper places.. and successful…

With that, I leave you with this saying – Believe and it will be yours….

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