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I have been blogging for more than 3 years now and I can say that you can definitely Make Money Online! There are several ways to monetize your blog and I will list some of them below. But first, let me share my first few experiences before I even found out how to earn dollars at home, well, bigger than a dollar ๐Ÿ™‚

It was in May of 2008 that I created my very first blog. It wasn’t really all blogging because it was full of affiliate banner ads, hoping I could get some referrals for my Paid to Click sites. I posted some articles related to money making opportunities and for some time they were a hit! Until Google flagged it for being “spammy”.

I learned my lessons the hard way. All my efforts went kaput and I was left with nothing. So, what I did was just click and get paid but for a few meager cents. Not knowing that I could have monetized that blog properly and could have earned more from it. The lesson was – don’t pollute your blogs with all those glittery and flashy images of your advertisers. Learn to say “NO” when you think they are not relevant to your niche. It’s not all money, you need credibility to prosper in the Blogosphere.

Make Money Online

With that said, below are some tips on how to monetize your blog. Note, that the samples below are written for the newbies so that they can digest the knowledge easily and won’t be disappointed with all the internet terms that could surely crack their minds. ๐Ÿ™‚

PAID POSTING – To date, this is my number one source of income for all my blogs. What you do here is accept tasks from certain legit paid to post sites. In some, you need to bid and win to be able to get that particular task. Others, you just have to choose which ones you can do and there are a few sites that designate tasks in your dashboard, which means you need not search and bid.

The pay varies, ranging from $.50 to $50. Well, I can say $50 coz I recently got one and was paid. I’ve known some other blogger friends who received bigger amounts than that and for just one single post! So, get your hopes high!

Once you have accepted a task or won a bid, all you need to do is write an article, may it be informational, review or free form. The advertiser’s link/s must be within the post or whatever the instructions are, it must be followed. Otherwise, your post might be rejected and all your effortsย  in vain.

TEXT LINK ADVERTISING – This is another form of advertisement where you are given either a few words with the “anchor text” hyperlinked with the advertiser’s site. For example the word or phrase is “Earn Dollars Pinoy“. Hover on the quoted word and you will see at the bottom of your computer that there is a hidden link to the advertiser’s blog or site.

This kind of blog advertising vary on your blogs statistics. Those who wishes to promote their site or brand will check your Page Rank ( your rank with Google), traffic (daily,weekly,monthly visitors) and readership ( feed stats) just to name a few. The rates depend heavily on these, though I have a few adverts that doesn’t value PageRanks that much.

BANNER ADVERTISING – this is where you get picky even if your blog has nothing to brag about yet. As I have mentioned in the first few paragraphs above, you can’t just accept banner ads if it isn’t related to your niche or blog topics. Though I know of some bloggers who doesn’t care and post it anyway. Perhaps it comes with one’s discretion and if you are not blinded by the amount they are offering. In my case, I haven’t turned down any banner ads yet from third-party sources because they don’t seem spammy or from bad sites plus they are somewhat related to my blog contents.

This isn’t like the Text Link Ads because you will be given a link and an image. The size depends on what’s left on your blog’s space or if you have a sidebar space dedicated for such purpose. How much you will ask for a banner ad also depends on the blog stats, size and don’t forget to ask how long do they intend to advertise.

ADVERTISING NETWORK – These are online companies which connects bloggers with advertisers. Unlike in Paid Posting which actually functions the same get advertisers = bloggers kinda thingy, or the Text Link Ads which comes from direct advertisers, this is a bit different. You join the network and sell your ad spaces which in turn can be filled up by aggregated advertisers’ websites thru “blind networking”. An advert who is a member of the network can also choose which blogs he wants his ads to run.

Another type of Ad Network is by using 125×125 banners and not just one advertiser but maximum of 10 ads. These are also linked to the advertisers websites and when clicked, you earn either by points or cash.

These are just a few examples of the ways you can monetize your blogs. There’s a part 2 on this topic and one more that will give you samples sites which you can use in monetizing. So you better stay tuned for that. Just so you won’t miss any of my posts, why not subscribe on this blog so updates on important topics will be delivered to your emails. You can find my subscription box in the sidebar.

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