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Make Money Blogging

I have been blogging for more than 3 years now and I can say that you can definitely Make Money Online! There are several ways to monetize your blog and I will list some of them below. But first, let me share my first few experiences before I even found out how to earn dollars at home, well, bigger than a dollar 🙂

It was in May of 2008 that I created my very first blog. It wasn’t really all blogging because it was full of affiliate banner ads, hoping I could get some referrals for my Paid to Click sites. I posted some articles related to money making opportunities and for some time they were a hit! Until Google flagged it for being “spammy”.

I learned my lessons the hard way. All my efforts went kaput and I was left with nothing. So, what I did was just click and get paid but for a few meager cents. Not knowing that I could have monetized that blog properly and could have earned more from it. The lesson was – don’t pollute your blogs with all those glittery and flashy images of your advertisers. Learn to say “NO” when you think they are not relevant to your niche. It’s not all money, you need credibility to prosper in the Blogosphere.

Make Money Online

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Work at Home Jobs for Filipinos

You suddenly lost your job or you got pregnant and can’t work in an office anymore.. You’re retired and can no longer get a job unless it’s a call center work or an undergrad who finds it hard to get a decent job… So what do you do?

If you have a computer at home with a fast internet connection, I’d say, go look for something to do online.. Not games, not Facebook but something which can help you earn another source of income. Why waste your time “Facebooking” when you can spend your time “Googling” the keyword – Work at Home Jobs for Filipinos.

There are tons of online opportunities for us Pinoys though one has to be careful not to fall prey in some scammy activities. Yes, 9 out of 10 Filipinos get scammed one time or another. Some lose big time and some for just a few dollars. Scam isn’t just an offline thing or something that happens only in the real world. Since the birth of the internet, these kind of people have evolved too. Well, online they can do a lot of damage more so if a person is hungry for money or seeking for a get rich quick type of job.

Make Money Online

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Job Board is UP!

Been busy lately trying to finish an online project so it’s only now that I got to finalize this job board. And now it’s up and ready for you all seeking online projects that could bring a decent amount of income while you’re at home.

Note that I have mentioned in my post Job Board Coming Soon, that it will initially be linked to the different online jobs but those you have to check and see if you’re qualified.

There will be a dedicated page for the job board on the nav bar (just below the header) of this blog, click it and it will direct you to the listings of available job offers. Scan through the many selections, click one that you want to view to get more information. Apply to as many as you want just as long as you think you are qualified to do the job posted by the advertisers.

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Job Boards Coming Soon!

I promised something to myself before 2010 said goodbye and I’m praying hard that it will come true. I have many plans this first quarter of the year and some of them are slowly taking form. Sometimes, I get what I want but most of the time, not.. So, imagine my excitement when I finally got this site operational. Happiness is overflowing because this is what I’m good at and this is exactly what I want.

Okay, since the title of this post is what it say it is, then let’s get on with what I really wanna say here.

Previously in my welcoming post here, I mentioned something about having a category solely dedicated to a JOB BOARD. A job board is basically where you can find a job most suited to your expertise. Now, don’t get excited yet because these are just links to jobs that I find online. What you should do is check out the source. This is just the initial stage of my plan. When things are doing great and I have the tools to start my business, then I’m off to a much bigger and greener pasture. Of course, that business will only cater to Pinoys qualified to be under my wings.

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