Work at Home Jobs for Filipinos

You suddenly lost your job or you got pregnant and can’t work in an office anymore.. You’re retired and can no longer get a job unless it’s a call center work or an undergrad who finds it hard to get a decent job… So what do you do?

If you have a computer at home with a fast internet connection, I’d say, go look for something to do online.. Not games, not Facebook but something which can help you earn another source of income. Why waste your time “Facebooking” when you can spend your time “Googling” the keyword – Work at Home Jobs for Filipinos.

There are tons of online opportunities for us Pinoys though one has to be careful not to fall prey in some scammy activities. Yes, 9 out of 10 Filipinos get scammed one time or another. Some lose big time and some for just a few dollars. Scam isn’t just an offline thing or something that happens only in the real world. Since the birth of the internet, these kind of people have evolved too. Well, online they can do a lot of damage more so if a person is hungry for money or seeking for a get rich quick type of job.

Make Money Online

You can’t find work online if you don’t look for it. Searching is just the initial step and it will open up a lot of results where you need to sift through the “real work” and the “scam ones”. All you need is Google and the keyword that you think might be able to help you in searching the “legit” opportunities.

To assist you somehow to get a head start, below are some of the sites I usually find work. Note that these sites are sort of the “middle man” in helping you find a job. Though they have initially screened the employers, there are times that one or two turn out to be scams in the long run. You have to use your gut feel and exit as soon as you find out. There will be pending or unpaid tasks but at least you didn’t shell out your own money, just lost time and effort. It’s your call if you want to take the risk so long as you know exactly what you’re getting into.


FREE and NOT SO FREE Work at Home Job Sites – this is a popular site for Filipinos and owned by John Jonas. Only Filipinos can get jobs here, simply because this was primarily created to help us Pinoys be able to work from home.


There are tons of work which you can choose from depending on your skills or expertise. Sample choices would be article writing, blog content management, web design, programming, SEO, online customer support and a lot more. You need to register to become a member so you can apply for jobs. A resume is needed coz that’s how the employers will review your skills and if you fit the job. I know that most jobs are international so you’d be earning dollars, be it in USD, AUD and the likes. Browse the site so you can have a feel of what I’m saying here, then register if you think you have what it takes.

Odesk – this is another site which has been proven to be legit by many Filipinos already.


You also have to register and upload or write your resume, fill up the needed information. Best if you take the free online skill tests coz if you pass, you can include them in your profile. Employers need to know more than your name so they can check you out further, so impress them. But MORE doesn’t mean you have to give your true identities 🙂 Jobs here can be part time or full time, just like in One thing I dont like with Odesk is the fact that you have to bid for work. There’s a certain budget amount for every employer and whoever bids the lowest and if qualified will get the job. But I know of some friends who got jobs here though they weren’t the lowest bidder. Maybe the one who got the “ultimate cheap” bid was not qualified. 🙂 – same thing with the 2 sources, you have to register. Bidding is also the name of the game here and a percentage commission is deducted once a worker has made money.

Freelance Jobs

Types of work can be graphic designing, website creation, telemarketing, market research just to name a few. – is also a free to register site but if you want a paid membership, they offer it too. When you work for Elance, once a contractor gets hired and paid, they have a service fee from work done.


You don’t have to be a professional or a highly skilled person to get a job online. But you do need to be smart and cautious so you won’t get scammed.

Disclaimer: The sites mentioned above are legit but they can’t help it if an employer eventually runs away with your work and money. It all boils down to you, the contractor or service provider, to be always on guard when things start to smell fishy.. Good luck in your job hunting!

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