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Welcome to Earn Dollars Pinoy!

Nice of you to drop by and see what’s cooking up here. This is my fourth blog and the first one for 2011. I have 4 other blogs to set up but wanted this one to go live first. Pardon the mess coz I’m not done tweaking it yet.

Earn Dollars Pinoy! will be the home of different money making reviews. Yep, all about how you can earn online and get those dollars into your bank accounts. I will try and scour the net to look for possible and existing online opportunities that would benefit all Pinoys who are interested to earn online! I will include reviews of affiliate programs, online networking or MLMs, contests and freebies, products and sales and many more.

I will also have a separate category for job boards. Yes, listings of current online jobs! It could be for full time or sideline jobs. Initially, this blog will be featuring links from different job boards but I have plans and this is only my stepping stone to something bigger! *crossing fingers*

These are just a few of what you can expect on this blog. It’s kinda different from my other blog Make Money Online which hosts my journey in earning my own income in the blogosphere. Here, I would concentrate on how I can help others earn their share of dollars online.

Please do come back soon and I hope that next time, what I’m going to share here will help you start your way to success!