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Job Boards Coming Soon!

I promised something to myself before 2010 said goodbye and I’m praying hard that it will come true. I have many plans this first quarter of the year and some of them are slowly taking form. Sometimes, I get what I want but most of the time, not.. So, imagine my excitement when I finally got this site operational. Happiness is overflowing because this is what I’m good at and this is exactly what I want.

Okay, since the title of this post is what it say it is, then let’s get on with what I really wanna say here.

Previously in my welcoming post here, I mentioned something about having a category solely dedicated to a JOB BOARD. A job board is basically where you can find a job most suited to your expertise. Now, don’t get excited yet because these are just links to jobs that I find online. What you should do is check out the source. This is just the initial stage of my plan. When things are doing great and I have the tools to start my business, then I’m off to a much bigger and greener pasture. Of course, that business will only cater to Pinoys qualified to be under my wings.

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